Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 Series for Machine and Automation Networks

The 2000 series Ethernet switches from Phoenix Contact offer superior deployment capabilities and application flexibility in the network. With multiple easy configuration options, initial commissioning and future updates are never an issue. Gigabit and Fast Ethernet devices, various approvals for hazardous location installation and marine use, as well as numerous fiber options make the 2000 a universal Ethernet switch for the industrial network.

Features and Benefits

  • Full Gigabit options in up to 16 port configurations, with up to four SFP fiber connections provide extreme flexibility in network planning
  • Approvals for hazardous location and maritime allow usage in varied applications
  • Multiple available configuration options make for easy switch deployment and maintenance
  • Port-based DHCP ensures same IP address assignment when edge device replacement is needed


  • Industrial
  • Machinery
  • Ship Building
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Automotive
  • Food/Beverage

Machine network
The 2000/2100 series intelligent switches are targeted products for the series production of machines. They make a simple yet intelligent network for growing communication requirements in machines a reality. Simple unmanaged networks often no longer fulfill these requirements and are reaching their limitations. As an alternative to unmanaged switches, the cost-effective FL SWITCH 2000/2100 allows configuration and monitoring of the machine network in ways previously reserved for the more expensive managed switches.

Automation network
The 2200/2300 series switches are a contemporary update of the Lean Managed Switch and are oriented toward the automation networks in a wide range of applications, including marine, process technology, infrastructure, wind energy, machine building, and systems manufacturing.

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