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Challenging Standards with Unique, Ergonomic, Efficient Tools.

As award-winning tool designers, Wera Tools believes in:

  • Challenging the Tool Standard
  • Thinking Rebelliously
  • Creating an Easier, Safer, and Joyful User Experience
  • Simply Creating Great Tools for Rebels
  • Rock 'n' Roll

The Joker Series

Why does an ordinary wrench always need to be flipped? Why does it have an offset design? Why does it slip? Wera Tools answers these questions with its Joker Series wrenches that feature a new, unique "mouth" designed for easy, effortless use.

The Joker Series

The Zyklop Series

The Zyklop Series

Wera Tools questions everything conventional about ratchets. The Zyklop Speed Series ratchet features a flywheel design to ensure high performance at top speeds. The Zyklop Speed combines the advantages of five ratchet types in a single tool. It also doubles as a screwdriver.


Meet the Tool Rebels

Wera Tools believes in creating tools that make life simpler, safer, and more joyful for users. Wera is never content with existing standards or the idea that tools have reached their ultimate stage of development. It delivers uniquely improved designs - like the Zyklop ratchet and Joker open-ended wrench - that turn the unfamiliar into the ordinary.

Meet the Tool Rebels


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Wera Joker Series

Wera Zyklop Series

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